How to Play
To start, sign up using a valid email address and create a username. Then press the Let’s Do This! button below. Your mission is to answer as many I.T. questions as you can in 45 seconds. Points are awarded for every correct answer. Get five correct answers in a row and earn extra time on the clock! The more points you score, the more badges you earn. Correct answers and accumulated badges help you move up the leaderboard—and prove to the world that you’re an information technology legend.

To play again, log in using your registered email address.
Questions come in four categories: Troubleshooting, Technology, I.T. Pop Culture, and I.T. History. Answer fifteen questions correctly in each category and win that badge. Each badge = 1000 bonus points.
What’s the deal with the badges?
Yes. It’s called a hot streak. Answer five consecutive questions and earn an extra 15 seconds of play time.
Can I earn extra time?
1. Play often to score more points.
2. The more points you score, the more badges you earn.
3. The more points and badges you earn, the higher you’ll place on the leaderboard.
How do I make it on the leaderboard?
We’re glad you asked. Every time you share your unique URL link, located in your player profile, and a friend registers and plays the game to completion, you will earn a tie-breaker bonus to help you move up the leaderboard.
Why is sharing the I.T. Pro MVP Challenge important? 
Your player profile holds all of your pertinent game information: your current ranking, the badges you’ve earned, your highest score, and how many friends have used your unique URL.

Your profile can only be accessed once you’ve signed up or logged in with a valid email address.
What is in my player profile? 
We need to verify your username when you sign up for an account to play. We also need to know who to send the congratulatory email to when you break the game with your I.T. prowess.
Why do you need my email address?
Frontier Business offers tailored network solutions—and we truly appreciate I.T. professionals. We designed the I.T. Pro MVP Challenge to celebrate you and all your hard work.
Who is Frontier and why did they make this game?
Please email [email protected] for questions or help.
If something goes wrong, who do I contact? 

Ready to Play?